pondělí 12. dubna 2010

Letní škola na Universität Wien

The Sommerhochschule's European Studies program offers twelve courses and consists of two two-week sessions. Six European Studies courses are offered during each session.

The European Studies courses are held in English and focus on the emerging New Europe. They cover political, economic and legal, but also historical and cultural aspects of the multiple transformations the continent is currently undergoing.

Each course includes two interdisciplinary evening seminars. The program thus offers a concise and up to date introduction to recent developments in Europe which will provide students from different fields of study with additional key qualifications for their future professional work.

The academic courses are taught by distinguished scholars with international teaching experience. The faculty consists of tenured professors from the University of Vienna as well as professors from other renowned universities and leading experts from institutions such as the Austrian Central Bank and the EU Commission.

Students can still apply for a scholarship until April 15, 2010.

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